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Get ready!  Heat is coming!

 My new boss is the one bad boy billionaire I was hoping to never see again.

Back in highschool, he dumped me for not giving him my v-card. (I still have it if he would like to try again.) 

Then real life took over.  I moved away and made my career with the same hockey team he just bought.  Now, after seven years, he’s standing right over there.

I thought he was hot back then, but now he’s scorching.  Broad shoulders, killer abs, and stormy blue eyes as tempestuous as the sea.

Figure I have two choices.  I could stay professional.  Go splash cold water on my face and give him a chance to get settled in and let him make the first move. 

Or perhaps we can start our meeting with me being bent over his desk.

It’s a tough choice. I have made my decision.

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If you change nothing, nothing will change.

Do you love romance books where everyday heroes find love in the last place they were looking for it? Then welcome to the Silver Fox Resort Series where second chances and small-town romance go together like peanut butter and chocolate.

Drew needed a change.
His brothers suggested he needed to find a good woman. He rejected the idea until Amy Denham walked into the local hangout. The all-hands guy friend she was with was a sloppy drunk, and Drew was in the mood to assist, even offer something more if she was interested.

Amy was looking for a new start in a new town.
She’d found a job, a place to rent, but her bad habit of dating wealthy, shallow men had tagged along. If she would make a new start, she had to ditch her old life and try something different, and Drew was different.

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Her secret could ruin them. But can she resist his charm?


Working in a diner is hardly my idea of a dream job, but at least my old life will never find me here. I’ve got secrets from a past career and previous relationships – ones which could spell the end of me.

The moment Spencer walked in the door, his mystery made my heart flutter. One night with him and I’m hooked. But with a past like mine, I can’t afford to let him get any closer…


I’ve got one rule – never fall in love. So why can’t I get my mind off of her? I’ve got it all. Money, success, looks, the works. I don’t need a runaway attraction ruining my perfect life.

But ever since I laid eyes on her, I can’t help feeling that there’s something more between us. I’ve been dying to know what her curves look like with nothing on – and I always get what I want.

She’s an honest, whole-hearted and headstrong girl with a dark past. He’s a self-made billionaire searching for closure. When Spencer stumbles into a backwater diner on the hunt for an estranged family member, he never could have expected to find Tessa. He doesn’t know her dangerous secrets – and she has no idea she’s fallen into the arms of her perfect protector…

Brimming with lust, steam, and the heart-pounding possessiveness of an alpha billionaire, this action-packed romance series will keep you on your toes.

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Have you ever been trapped in a small town with a dangerous, grumpy billionaire? 


Well I have… 


I thought running away would help me feel like myself again.

Instead, I met Gary.

This ex-navy seal, arms dealer is so grumpy and rich. So hot.

I can’t stand him. 

Now I am stuck in this town working for him.

Even with his gruff tone I am drawn to him like a moth to a flame. 


Who the hell is this pretty thing snooping in my office?

I yell at her to get out, the phone rings.

The thoughts of this bad deal flood into my mind.

After she left, I couldn’t stop thinking of her beautiful features.

No, stop, remember what happened the last time you let someone in?

Just as I get her out of my mind, she’s kidnapped

No one takes what’s mine…

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My parents’ flower shop is a front.

The real money in Vegas comes from drugs, guns, and girls.

You can find all three at Expensive Apologies.

My nineteenth birthday gift?

A demand that I start earning my keep in the family business.

Until a dark stranger storms the shop looking for blood and vengeance.

Santiago arrives in a hail of gunfire to claim me as his own.

Tall, dark, and dangerous; he’s everything I hate about this life.

All thorns and no roses. I know better than to fall for a killer.

Too bad my heart— and body— never got that message.

Santiago is a quick and steamy age-gap mafia romance with a guaranteed HEA and no cliffhangers.

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The Italian Heartthrob: Forbidden Age Gap Billionaire is on SALE for 99c!

Forbidden is what we are…
I was 10. You were 19.
You wanted to be a chef. My mom made you a star.
I’m 24. You’re 33.
You hold the record for the Sexiest Man Alive.
I’m still the lost, rejected, damaged girl who can’t find herself anywhere but in your protective arms.

I loved you when I was 10. I love you now.
You call me your best friend, and you still see me as a kid.
I’m 25 with a man on one knee in front of me.
You’re watching through the glass. One word from you is all I need.
But you hold a secret that can destroy us both.

I’ve known you my whole life. Loved you my whole life.
Never thought when I die, it will be because of you.

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I can’t stop playing sexy office games with my best friend’s billionaire dad… 

There are 3 billion men in the world, but I had to set my eyes on him.

My boss, the billionaire CEO of the firm where i finally got an internship.

To make matters worse, he’s my best friend’s dad.

He is thirty years older with a Greek God’s body. 

The epitome of the dominant alpha male.

Every time he bosses me around in the office, I imagine him doing the same in bed

I take advantage of every opportunity in his office to tease him.

I won’t stop tempting him until we cross the forbidden line.

This dangerous game we are getting into may cost us a lot.

Warnings bells go off in my head, telling me to stop before it’s too late,

But I want to taste him one last time …

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