Available Now!! A Cruel Arrangement by Tijan!

A Cruel Arrangement by Tijan is LIVE!

This was my place. My business. Easter Lanes.
Then a guy comes in, trying to rob me, daring to take it away from me.
My home. My life.
Hell no. I won’t let my livelihood be threatened.
No one knows what I’ve done to build this life for myself.
Except he might.
Ashton Walden, a man I remember from when we were kids.
Even back then I could tell how dangerous he would be one day.
He’s now the head of the Walden mafia family, and my father is so in debt to them that they practically own him.
My dad and I are estranged and I want nothing to do with him or his debt, but the day after the attempted robbery, I don’t wake up in the hospital.
I wake up in Ashton Walden’s home. And he drops a bomb on me.
If I want my livelihood back, I need to earn it back.
​And thus begins our cruel arrangement.

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Every single hair on my body was standing up— not because of the guns or what that guy just said but because of Ashton. A whole different look came over Ashton, like instead of a snake shedding their skin, I was seeing him pull his skin on for the first time.

His eyes went into the glittering look that was dark and ominous, and I knew, without a doubt, that these men were going to die. 

Ashton would be the one to kill them, and it would probably happen in two seconds.

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