New Release!!! The Mafia and His Obsession: Part One by Lylah James + My Review

Title: The Mafia and His Obsession: Part One
Series: Tainted Hearts #4
Author: Lylah James
Publisher: Limitless Publishing LLC
Genre: Contemporary Dark Romance
Release Date: July 24, 2018
My life only has one purpose, and it’s to
protect them—my family.
Whether I fight, maim, or kill the enemy, it
makes no difference to me. If have to take a bullet for my family, I would
embrace death with a goddamn smile on my face.
When their safety is compromised, I put my
life on the line and made a deal with the devil. I never questioned it, not
even once…
…Until her.
All it takes is one glance. With her pretty
eyes now imprinted on my soul, the foundation my life has been built on is
shifting. My loyalty has become hazy, and my life has a new meaning. There’s a
pull between us that’s undeniable, and a carnal desire that threatens to ruin
us both. It has turned me into a man obsessed.
My perfect, well-planned life is now in chaos,
and a choice needs to be made.
My family…or my obsession?
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💋My Review:

Be still my heart! Another dark, brutal, bloody mafia romance from the devious mind of a favorite, Lylah James. She continues her superb storytelling and character creation in another mafia tale of betrayal, destruction, revenge and love. Viktor is revealed to be Konstantin, betrayer of Alessio, and is set to seek his revenge for his shooting. Two factions go against each other but will Viktor really destroy his brothers? Add a Mexican cartel to the mix and it is beyond mayhem. We see Viktor with a new demeanor but is the sweet jokester gone for good? As for his love, Valerie is a tortured, broken woman that only Viktor put back together with his love. But first he has to get rid of her husband who is also happens to be his uncle. Twisted is the normal in this terrific story of love conquers all. The ending was fantastic and I can’t wait for the next installment. It helps to read the previous books to know the players, especially Alessio and Ayla’s story, but it’s not necessary to enjoy this one.

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Free in Kindle Unlimited
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio
Lylah James uses all her spare time to write. If she is not catching up
on sleep, working or writing—she can be found with her nose buried in a good
romance book, preferably with a hot alpha male.

Writing is her passion. The voices in her head won’t stop, and she
believes they deserve to be heard and read. Lylah James writes about drool
worthy and total alpha males, with strong and sweet heroines. She makes her
readers cry—sob their eyes out, swoon, curse, rage, and fall in love. Mostly
known as the Queen of cliffhanger and the #evilauthorwithablacksoul, she likes
to break her readers’ hearts and then mend them again.
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