Release Blitz for Bad Boy Rich by Kat T. Masen + My Review

Title: Bad Boy Rich
Author: Kat T. Masen
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: July 24, 2018
He called himself Bad Boy Rich.
The baddest boy in town.
Not my town, but the land of Hollywood.
A place where dreams come true, or—become your nightmare.
I was stuck somewhere in the middle.
After losing her job and forced to provide for her sick mother, Milana is
offered the role of a lifetime—PA to the famous Emerson Chase—and dives head
first into the world of the Rich…
Wesley Rich.
A self-proclaimed bad boy.
The ultimate heartbreaker, and—he’s Emerson’s ex-fiancé.
A lethal mix that Milana should stay away from.
Driven by sex, jealously and mind games, they form an obsessive love.
But everyone knows bad boys don’t play nice.
They play rough.
They get dirty.
And they’ll break you in the worst possible way.
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My Review:

This is my first read by this author so I didn’t know what to expect. The writing was really good and the character creation and development was superb. I loved the secondary characters. The plot was fairly simple. The bad boy Wesley was very unlikeable at the beginning of the story and it took awhile for his story to unfold and his reasons for his bad behavior to be revealed. His past was heartbreaking. His personality flips were a little off putting but understandable as the story progressed. Milana is a beautiful character with so much strength and endurance. She’s marvelous as she deals with family drama, a new job in a new city, her separation from her mother, Phoebe and Liam, and her fascination with Wes. You knew either she would bring Wes up or he would take her down. At the start of their relationship I didn’t feel the connection the two and the set ups for their meets were a little too pat. Also, I didn’t understand some of Milana’s actions even with the explanation of her past. Overall a good read. This story takes you on a very emotional, angsty ride that will provide a few tears, laughs and good feels as our lovers figure it out.

Author Bio
Born and bred in Sydney, Australia, Kat T. Masen is a mother to four crazy boys and wife to one sane husband. Growing up in a generation where social media and fancy gadgets didn’t exist, she enjoyed reading from an early age and found herself immersed in these stories. After meeting friends on Twitter who loved to read as much as she did, her passion to write began and the friendships continued on despite the distance.“I’m known to be crazy and humorous. Show me the most random picture of a dog in a wig and I’ll be laughing for days.”

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