NEW RELEASE!! Belle: An Unbowed Novel by Liz Meldon! + My Review

Title: Belle: An Unbowed Novel
Author: Liz Meldon
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Release Date: September 7, 2018
Rule #1: Never fall in love with the client.

Belle I’m terrified.I’ve never done this before—two months on a private island, isolated from the
rest of the world, just me and my new client.
A client who wants my unwavering submission.What if I’m a horrible submissive? What if I fail?Worst of all—what if I fall for the man I know I can’t have?Protect your heart, Belle, I tell myself. Protect it when he smiles at you,
kisses you, binds you. Don’t let Dean Donahue have it, as tempted as you are to
surrender it.
Because escorts don’t get fairy tale endings. We get paid. 
Dean I’ve wanted her from the first moment I saw her.Belle Bennet, escort. Darling Belle, sweet girl, on her knees, bound and
gagged, writhing in pleasure—or pain. The choice is mine.

She is mine. Perfect in her naivety, she’s the submissive I’ve been
waiting my whole life to claim.
And for the next two months, I intend to have her—mind, body, and soul—any damn
way I see fit.
For fans of reading two books in one sitting, the Unbowed Novels feature the
duet standalones from the contemporary romance series UNBOWED in a single

Purchase Links$3.99 for a limited timeAMAZON US / UK / CA / AU
Free in Kindle Unlimited

❤️🔥❤️ My Review:

A steamy romance with some yummy kink! Once again this author has given us a couple that defies expectations. Belle, as a newbie to the BDSM scene, on her first extended overnight as a sub is a fantastic character. She’s such a sweet young thing you can’t help but fall in love with her. And her Dom Dean is a delicious, divine stud with so many layers but mostly he’s just hot…all the time! He’s marvelous with Belle and her inexperience. I loved his fantasies as they played out between these two. It’s all fairly light going between the Dom/sub until the end when the drama and its aftermath cause problems in their relationship. There’s a bit of mystery surrounding Dean that I guess will be revealed in the next part. But the burning question is how will these two avoid falling in love? After all it’s a business affair. An easy read with wonderful writing in what I would say is a BDSM lite story.

Also Available As A Duet


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Free in Kindle Unlimited

Author Bio

Liz is a Canadian author who grew up in the Middle East. She
has a degree in Bioarchaeology from Western University, and when she isn’t
writing about her own snarky characters, she is reading about other people’s
snarky characters, babying her herb garden, loitering on social media, or
taking care of her furbabies.
Liz dabbles in both paranormal and contemporary erotic romance. Her paranormals
are usually dark and angsty, and her contemporaries are stress-free smutfests,
but you’ll find both riddled with feels. Most of all, she loves writing
realistic characters in fantastical settings. 
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