NEW RELEASE!! Blue (The Carson Trilogy #1) by K. Nilsson + My Review

Title: Blue
Series: The Carson Trilogy #1
Author: K. Nilsson
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: September 25, 2018
He was a mistake.
Rookie Private Investigator Devyn Foster knows
the pain of losing a family.  It’s what
fuels her determination to resolve the cases she’s assigned.
Her latest is finding a missing computer whiz
who vanishes while working on a secret project for a tech company.
Things get complicated when a one-night stand
with a devilishly handsome man becomes her biggest regret and distracts her
from the case.  The wild night set in her
mind leaves her in an emotional spiral…
Will she cross paths with this enigmatic man again, who would sap her composure and divert her focus on the job?


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🔥 My Review:

Exciting, sexy story first story in a new series with newbie PI Devyn looking forward to doing a good job with her first real case. Devyn has a tragic past but she’s done a good job of moving forward with her life. Or has she? When best friend, Candace takes her to an exclusive club for her birthday she meets the devilish Max. Max takes Devyn to a special room in the club and hotness ensues. Steamy sex! They both know it’s a one time thing and don’t expect to see each other again. But fate’s a fickle bitch and their paths cross while Devyn is working on her case. Lots of secrets and mystery with Max but their chemistry is undeniable. Good techie elements and mystery along with the romance. Great secondary characters for the next story in the series. Can’t wait!

Kimber Nilsson is a fan of crime dramas, is a romance
addict, and history buff. Kimber is bicoastal, loves to travel, is an avid
foodie, and an unapologetic reviewer of books, restaurants, and travel
destinations.   She is an amateur photographer and lover of all kinds of

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