NEW RELEASE!! Beautifully Brutal by Dani René! + My Review



In a world ravaged with violence, I still think about the beauty who was taken from me. I’ve turned rabid in her absence. The dormant beast she had tamed is ravenous, feeding on brutality and bloodshed. 

I focus on the kill, until Arthur confesses his trump card, shattering every hope I had of reclaiming her. Focused on the job at hand, I step into the lion’s den, only to find nothing is as it seems. 

My beast hungers to be satiated. 
And my beauty is the only one who can feed it.

A dark treacherous journey where happily ever after may be just out of reach.  

❤️💋🔥 My Review

I love Dani René’s edgy, thrilling, sexy writing in this terrific start to a new series that’s action packed and moves fast. The Cavalieri is a murderous group of deadly assassins and henchmen with a leader that is soulless and heartless even with his own daughter, Giuliana and his lead assassin, Lance. Arthur Calthorpe pick Lance Knight off the streets of NOLA and trained him to be the elite of the elite to take out the bad guys and those who cross him. Arthur is so evil that I only hope he gets his comeuppance at some point! The forbidden, taboo romance between “baby girl” and her knight has a wonderful fairytale feel to it that I loved. There’s a huge age difference and coupled with the fact that Lia’s father forbids their relationship, the almost lovers have an uphill battle. But their love is heart-throbbingly sweet and so sexy that even Dad’s evil plans to keep them apart will surely fail. What a twist Arthur planned along with surprises along the way that are jaw dropping. Throughout the story Giuliana grows from a sweet, young girl with a first love crush into a strong, fierce woman that goes for what she wants. And her forever man, Lance is a swoon worthy fantasy come true even with his bloody hands and cruel talents. So sexy! Both are fabulous characters. This is a quick easy read that’s bloody and twisted in the best way. It also features Cavalieri hunks for future stories. Seth is dreamy! Great epilogue and I look forward to seeing Lance and Lia in future stories. I can’t wait for the next installment.

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