AVAILABLE NOW!! The Golden Hour by L. M. Halloran! + EXCERPT + MY REVIEW


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My name is Finn McCowen, and I want my revenge.
Callisto Avellino was the heiress of one of the country’s most influential families. A delicate wildflower in a bed of thorns. And the daughter of the man who killed my father. 
Six years ago, she disappeared.
She says she ran away to escape the poison of her corrupt family. 
Money. Prestige. Power. Murder.
We have the same agenda – or so it seems: ruin the Avellinos at all costs. 
And if I have to put her in harm’s way to get what I want?
So be it.


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Outstanding! And a full book..yeah! Not a cliffhanger in sight just a thrilling mafia storyline with gorgeous characters and a steamy romance by one of my favorite authors. It’s not the usual mafia story with a heavy-handed Don but does have all the usual cringe-worthy, brutal elements. Callisto is a beautifully written character with a tragic background but is so strong while being feminine. And Finn!! It didn’t click that he was the hunky bad boy photographer until the mention of Gideon late in the story. That was an OMG moment when I remembered his panty-melting naughtiness in a previous book. I’m so glad he got a story and he is spectacular in this one. Heroic, sexy and just so dreamy! His backstory is tragic with a tie to Calli’s family that dictated his life for years. He’s a man on a mission. I got into the meat of this story and could not put it down. I had to know if this sizzling duo made it through in one piece and together, especially with evil step-monster, Vivian on the rampage. What a great villain she is along with the rest of the nasty family members. There were heart-stopping moments when the action was ratcheted up to nail biting levels and heart-melting moments when Calli and Finn hit their stride and came together in a beautiful way on so many levels. Their support of each other was terrific. There were a few coincidences that were a little on the nose but so what. So minor they just blew by and didn’t really matter in the overall fabulousness of this story. Great epilogue! I am always so excited when this author puts out a new book with her spectacular writing, fantastic characters, mesmerizing stories and swoon-worthy romances. I can’t wait for the next one!

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Read the First Chapter HERE !

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“You’re remembering that night,” Finn murmurs. “Your breathing just picked up.”
I yank the phone away from my mouth, but it’s too late. No matter how hard I try, my body won’t forget his.
 And now he knows it.
He sighs. “I’ve tried to forget, too, but you left me a souvenir that’s made it impossible.”
My missing panties. Mortified, I sink to the closed toilet seat and drop my head forward. My voice is shaky. “That’s creepy and gross. Why didn’t you throw them away?”
“I’m probably going to regret this in the morning, just like I regret most of what I say to you…” He sighs, and I imagine the warmth of his breath on my neck. “I kept them because I wanted a reminder.”
My heart in my throat, I whisper, “Of the mistake you made?”
“No, princess.” The gravelly words send make my thighs clench. “Of the best almost-sex of my life, and how badly I want to do it again.”
Like your average mature, level-headed woman, I gasp and hang up.

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TGH RD-867589285_906517349697905_7685948734739316736_oWhen not writing or reading, the author enjoys walking barefoot, subjecting her husband to questionable recipes, and chasing her spirited daughter. She’s a rabid fan of coffee, moon-gazing, and small dogs that resemble Ewoks. Home is Portland, Oregon.


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