RELEASE DAY!!! Kings of Carrion by Keri Lake! + My Review


Decades have passed since our world was decimated by the Dredge. Some say it was an act of God. Others believe the devil himself breached the gates of hell and turned the masses into the mindless infected with an appetite for carnage.


Those of us who’ve survived the Calico experiments know the only thing more terrifying than the monsters that seek to ravage what’s left of us, are the men who created them. Ones too capable of hiding their true form, and burying their darkest secrets.


Somewhere beneath the facility lies the answers, a cure for our suffering. To reach it, we’ll have to open the haunting tomb, where man’s deadliest mistakes, the most violent mutations, lie trapped within its tunnels, waiting to be set free. 


Our only hope in surviving them are the very Alphas who were designed to hunt us down. The titans forged by cruelty and pain. 


Kings of carrion.


We taught them to love, and in turn, they vow to protect us. To deliver the cure for humanity’s sake. Except this world doesn’t give without taking, and any chance of saving us will require the greatest sacrifice of all.





NOTE: This title will only be available wide until December 10th


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Soul crushing, spine tingling, heart throbbing goodness! What an ending for Cali, Wren and those awe-inspiring Alphas. As Cali searches for a way into Calico, along with Titus and Cadmus, in hopes of rescuing Valdys she finally hooks up the Rebels. I was so excited to find out that Wren and Six were going to be front and center and on a quest of their own as Cali finds them and what she hopes is a way back into Calico. Although nobody wants to go back into that hellhole, Cali has to know if her true love is still alive and Six will do anything to save Wren and his child. A lot of old faces and a few new ones as the group prepares to make their way back into the madness of what’s left of Calico that’s fraught with danger, death, betrayal and sadness. It’s a nail-biting trip as the danger ramps up at every turn and the bodies start piling up. So much loss and one in particular broke my heart! It’s an exciting ride as the group dwindling and those left are wondering if they’ll make it out. Parts were a little wordy for me and, damn, there was some preaching going on! Good messaging though. Do not evil! Another thing…is it just me? I was a little put off by those big, brutal Alphas shedding tears. I like my Alphas fearless and tearless with a side of harsh! Leave the crying to those nasty humans begging for their life. I was anxious to get to the finale after all the pain and those creepy mutations at every turn. The ending was terrific and the epilogues made the journey through this crazy dystopian world worth it! I really hope we get more of Titus and Atticus. Hint, hint.


Keri Lake is a dark romance writer who specializes in demon wrangling, vengeance dealing and wicked twists. Her stories are gritty, with antiheroes that walk the line of good and bad, and feisty heroines who bring them to their knees.  When not penning books, she enjoys spending time with her husband, daughters, and their rebellious Labrador (who doesn’t retrieve a damn thing).  She runs on strong coffee and alternative music, loves a good red wine, and has a slight addiction to dark chocolate.






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