AVAILABLE NOW!! Inebriated by Katey Taylor! + MY REVIEW

Katey Taylor
Publication date: February 26th 2019
Genres: YA Contemporary

Barely seventeen and as pretty as can be: the summer is their playground. Cait and her best friends Steph and Allie take on San Francisco’s party scene with fake IDs and short dresses.

When Cait meets Adrien Cross, the charismatic lead singer of her favorite indie band, she’s introduced to a hedonistic world of liquor and lust that she never wants to leave. But then that world spirals out of control and the harsh realities of reckless living take a toll on Cait and the ones she loves. What will be left when the makeup masks wash off, the bottles are empty, and Cait begins to lose her grip on everything?

Katey Taylor’s heart-wrenching debut novel will have you strapped into the intense rollercoaster ride of Cait’s life and one chaotic summer that will change it all.

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Well, I finished it! Kinda like watching a train wreck…you know it’s going to be bad but you can’t look away. This read like a cross between Gossip Girl and dear diary. I don’t know who the audience is for this story but I wouldn’t want my young adult to read it. Maybe I’m too old for this even though I really love good YA/NA reads. Ginger Scott is one of my favorite authors. I just kept thinking what a waste as these teens lived a life beyond their comprehension and maturity. Killing all those brain cells!! At least I waited until college before I overindulged in the three D’s (drinking, drugs & dick.) The romance was one of dreams as the heroine catches the eye of the local rock god. It was great until it wasn’t and heartbreak ensued. The writing was okay but the story was just sad and a cautionary tale of young women gone wrong. I would hate for teens to read this and think it’s okay to act this way. In reality one of the gals should have made a trip to the hospital for alcohol poisoning and/or sexual assault. Passing out on a stranger’s stoop in freezing weather? That’s a recipe for all kinds of disaster. I wish the author would have included a reality check for these girls’ bad behavior and some realistic consequences rather than this is just the way wealthy teens act. Could have been good but missed the mark for me.

Author Bio:

Katey Taylor is the author behind the emotionally wrenching Young Adult Novel Inebriated. Katey’s passion for storytelling stemmed not long after she first learned to write with a pencil. Every story she writes is infused with a piece of her heart and her absolute muses of music and travel. She’s a San Francisco Bay Area native living in a house that sits on a bayside lagoon with her husband and two cats. Stay updated with Katey’s upcoming releases on Facebook @authorkateytaylor, Instagram @kateyltaylor or http://www.kateytaylor.com

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