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AFTER THE FALL (The Fallen Men #4) by Giana Darling
Release Date: March 13th


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I was settin’ up to live a good life, the kinda life I’d fought hard to deserve.

With a good woman––the best woman––at my side, a degree under my belt, and the whole world at my feet, I was livin’ the kinda happily ever after usually denied the rebellious and the criminal. I’d turned my back on that kinda life, thinkin’ I needed that clean, wholesome kinda happy.

Then the devil came dressed in the wings of an angel and took someone from me.

And I realized I was wrong.

There was no clean and wholesome for a man like me with poetry in his heart and outlaw in his blood. The life I’d been livin’ was only purgatory, holding me over until the time came for me to descend into Hell and pick up the tarnished crown that awaited me.

I was condemning my woman to a life of violence, blood, and heartache, but I had to hope she’d step up and finally be the rough and tumble queen to my Fallen MC king.

After the Fall can be read as a stand-alone romance, but you first meet the couple in Lessons in Corruption (The Fallen Men, #1)






My heart was squeezed, broken & pounded with emotion starting with the “oh no she didn’t “ prologue. What a teaser! Giana Darling you scared the crap out of me. I loved seeing the growth of the beautiful love between King and Cressida. King was magnificent as the sexy, alpha man-boy going after what he wanted and not being deterred. His dedication to his belief in his future with Cress was spellbinding as he made her a believer in their love. But King as a grown man was almost too much. The heart of a poet, the sex appeal of a hunky biker, the mind of a genius and the grit of a king. He was superb as he step into his birthright and took over leadership of the Fallen MC. His smarts took the club to a better place, working smarter to thwart their enemies. And what a man in his treatment of Cress and thinking of her always. Their love was so hot! Panty-melting deliciousness!! Cress became King’s fierce old lady and battle along side him. I so enjoyed the sizzling sexiness between our lovers but there are so many beautiful parts to this story. The love and brotherhood of the MC, the wonderful family and friends within the Fallen and outside, the continuation of King and Cressida’s spectacular love story and the other couples with their new additions. This was a super emotional story with old foes, new foes, family coming back together, danger, suspense and shock. When the unbelievable happened I was rewrite ending because no, it was not going to end like that. I had a way out and I wasn’t too far off but I also thought how brave this author was to go there. I was ready for it because I like when stories have an ending that’s unexpected. But alas, I was wrong (thank goodness.) King is one of my favorite book boyfriends and I was so memorized by this story that I wanted more and started reading Lessons again! I zipped through this story the first time and I’m looking forward to reading it again and swoon over the dominant, alpha biker, the wonderful woman he made his and their exquisite romance. I hope we get more stories from this fabulous author and her group of sexy bikers. So good! And what’s up with Priest and Bea? I want to know more about Honey also. We definitely need a King & Cress, part 3.

About the Author:
Giana Darling is a USA Today Bestselling Selling Canadian romance writer who specializes in the taboo and angsty side of love and romance. She currently lives in beautiful British Columbia where she spends time riding on the back of her man’s bike, baking pies, and reading snuggled up with her cat Persephone. She loves to hear from readers so please contact her at gianadarling[at]gmail.com if you have any questions or comments.





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