NOW LIVE!! Own the Eights by Krista Sandor! + My Review


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Bookshop owner, Georgie Jensen, is done with shallow jerks. Her Own the Eights blog dishes out advice on how to steer clear of egotistical creeps only concerned with looks and status. Her focus is finding one’s true soulmate—not the superficial ten but the solid, reliable eight.

Jordan Marks is the city’s top fitness trainer who won’t settle for anything less than the best. His blog promotes working hard, playing harder, and striving to always be—you guessed it—a ten.

When these two opposites are forced to team-up for an online competition, opinions clash and mouse pads fly.

The twist? There can only be one winner, and if Georgie wants to keep her shop open, that winner needs to be her.

But the more time this eight and this ten spend together, the more they learn that, when it comes to love, a number might not be what matters the most.

Own the Eights is a steamy rom-com full of heart, heat, and oodles of laugh out loud moments!


What a clash! Georgie and Jordan are opposites fighting for the same thing. A better life and business success but for different reasons. Georgie wants to save her family business and find love. Jordan wants to go out on his own and doesn’t have time for love. But sex is something they both want and when they go at it’s hot! Steam up your windows hot! When a contest pits the two against each other and also forces them to work together it turns into a hilarious, sexy romp as they are both determined to win. And beat out the competition, the Dannies. I loved Georgie and her spunk and drive. The eight is not going to let a ten beat her! But that ten is just to hunky to resist. Jordan is a dream especially when he goes all soft with Georgie. And when he defends his girl he is a big ole ten. They both have pasts that are best left in the past but it made them who they are now. A couple that’s just too sexy and perfect for each other. Loads of laughs, a group of hilarious geriatrics, great friends and a sexy romance. Loved it!

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