THE SHAM, the first book in the Convenience series by Stella Gray is NOW AVAILABLE!! + My Review

Our marriage is a sham. I’m the first to admit it. Only privately, of course.
Notorious playboy Luka Zoric needs a wife, and the good PR it brings.
I just need the career boost being his top model will give me. It’s a win-win–on paper. But since when has real life been simple?
His jealousy makes me crazy.
The control he maintains over my body is unacceptable.
I really shouldn’t be so turned on by it.
But there’s more to both me and my husband than meets the eye.
And it isn’t long before I’m wondering–which of us has made the bigger mistake?
Book one of three.
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My Review:

A sexy page turner with enthralling characters and an exciting modeling backdrop. A family company trying to comeback from a disastrous scandal, a fake marriage to help their image and a potential double cross in the making. Model Brooklyn can’t forget her sexy encounter with Luka years ago and when she’s offered a chance to become his fake wife and catapult her career into the stratosphere she’s all in. But will her heart survive when their sizzling chemistry turns the relationship into a smoke fest. Luka was not unaffected by their early encounter but the ultimate playboy plays it cool. Soon their proximity causes them to combust and it’s so hot and steamy! This is quick fake marriage read with gorgeous characters and an intriguing storyline with a dramatic cliffhanger ending. I’m not a fan of these serial stories that separate a story into short parts with cliffhangers. That being said, the writing is fantastic, the cliffhanger that’s obvious is still an OMG moment, and a wet-your-panties romance with a divine couple. I look forward to the next installment. Will Luka overcome the betrayal? Will Brooklyn find a way past the conflict? Can’t wait for the the answers!

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