AVAILABLE NOW!! British Banger: A Hero Club Novel by Jennifer Woodhull! + EXCERPT + MY REVIEW

British Banger: A Hero Club Novel
Jennifer Woodhull
Publication date: May 31st 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

British accents should come with a warning label. When they’re attached to deep, baritone voices that belong to sexy, cocky men, you should have to sign a waiver.

Most people wouldn’t touch short-term rental properties, but since my business partner took off with my client list, I need every deal I can get. Enter, one insanely sexy and completely exasperating Camden Reid.

The smug executive found fault with every property I showed him. Too cramped. Too feminine. Too far from a decent pub.

His demands were ridiculous, and I couldn’t wait to be rid of him and his British bangers.

Somewhere between the first property and the zillionth, though, my attraction to Camden grew impossible to ignore.

His insane demands finally met, the arrogant Adonis proposed we christen his new temporary home.

Little did I know how addicted I’d become, or just how unforgettable my time with Camden would be.

After all, I knew we had an expiration date.

All good things must come to an end, right?

Except our ending was one I didn’t see coming.

British Banger is written in the world of British Bedmate (Dear Bridget, I Want You). It features Bridget, Simon, and Calliope, along with a cast of new characters to fall in love with.

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“Cam, did I hear you say you’ll be visiting the States soon?”

I blow out a breath. “I am. Six long months. It will never pass fast enough for my taste.”

“You never know. There’s a lot about America I’ve grown to love.” Lucas replies, squeezing his daughter and depositing a kiss on her cheek.

We spend a few more minutes catching up with our friend and head back to our building where I join Ash in his office.

“You sure you’ve got everything you need for this deal, Cam?”

“You worry too much, Ash. You know me. Takeovers are my business. I’ll get them to sign the contract and I should be able to comb through all the assets in no time. I’ll figure out what we should keep, what we need to peel away, and if there is anything we should add to our portfolio. If I’m lucky, I can do it in five months instead of six and get home sooner.”

“I won’t lie. I’m sort of glad you don’t love it out there. I’d hate for you to decide you’re staying. Wouldn’t be the same running the place with my partner half a world away.”

“You’ve nothing to worry about there. I’ll be counting the days until I can get back to my flat, my office, and my local pub.”


An entertaining romance between the sweet, irresistible beauty, Quinn and the handsome, smart Brit, Camden. He’s in the States for 6 months to close a deal that will catapult him into billionaire status. He needs a temporary home and it’s Quinn’s job to find the perfect place. The two have an instant chemistry and the more time they spend together the hotter it gets. But she’s not a temporary kind of girl and he’s not a permanent type of man. His heart was broken years ago plus he’s only in town for a short time. But Quinn can’t resist the hotter than legal Brit and the ultimately combust into a sizzling romance. I loved the organic build to this wonderfully sweet and sexy relationship. Their chemistry jumped off the pages and the sexy times were hot. I loved the family and friends in the book with Cam’s transplanted group. Quinn fit right in and she needs a good time after suffering a business setback. The business part of the story didn’t ring true for me but didn’t affect the lovely romance. Also, the miscommunication drove me nuts and seemed to drag. The resolution was terrific though and the ending just melted my heart. Terrific Cocky romance! Made me want to read Simon’s story in British Bedmate.

Author Bio:

Jennifer Woodhull writes romance with heat, heart, and satisfying happily ever afters. Her titles include the popular friends-with-benefits romance, The Dating Alternative, second-chance romance The Last Virgin in Texas, and her entry into the Cocky Hero Club World, British Banger.

Jennifer currently lives in Tennessee with her real-life book boyfriend and their yellow lab, who can be more persuasive than any roguish hero. She travels to her family home in England often, and has been known to plot novels and write pages of dialogue on her phone from planes, trains, and automobiles (though not while driving, because safety first).

Website / Goodreads / Facebook Page / Facebook Group / Twitter / Instagram / Bookbub

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