RELEASE BLITZ!!! Sin (Series: Satan’s Sinners MC #3) by Serena Akeroyd! + Excerpt + My Review

Title: Sin
Series: Satan’s Sinners MC #3
Author: Serena Akeroyd
Genre: Dark & Dirty MC Romance
Release Date: June 30, 2020
Sin’s a born sinner.

His name was earned.

His reputation is feared.

Before he was Sin, he was Padraig, and Padraig?

Makes Sin look innocent, and that makes me want him, and all
darkness, more than ever.

But then, I’m a spoiled brat—until I can’t be that anymore.
Until my kingdom crashes down around me, and I become a nobody.

A nothing.

But to Sin? I could never be nothing.

Our love was founded on secrets, on hushed rendez-vous, and forbidden
nights, and Sin?

He’s ready to bring us out into the light.

Through blood shed, fallen tears, and lives lost, Sin will
do whatever it takes to claim me, and me?

I’m ready to be his.

All the way. Into the light, and out of the dark, it’s just a
shame that fate doesn’t always want the same thing for us as we do.

Find out if we can be together in SIN, book three of the
Satan’s Sinners’ MC series.

This book contains scenes that may trigger sensitive

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It was the smirk that did it. I hated smirkers.
I really fucking hated them. My best friends brother was a smirker, and he seemed to think he could pull it off, but Luke couldnt. In fact, Luke Lancaster couldnt pull off a holiday sweater, never mind a smirk, but that was just my opinion. Far as I could tell, the prick had more female attention than even this guy.
And his smirk? It suited him.
At the Satan’s Sinners’ clubhouse in West Orange, New Jersey, Id admit to feeling like a fish out of water. Some of the girls from the country club had pretty much dared me to
come, and because I was a moron, I
d let them work their wiles on me.
I wasnt even mad at them, more at myself. Peer pressure—whod have thought I was still vulnerable to it after school?
See, this was why I liked Lily. Hell, no. Why I loved her. She was like the sister I
should have had. She got me and I got her. But she was on a tight leash—her dad
was as big of a prick as her brother—and that was why I
d decided to spend my Friday night in this dump, because she was stuck hosting some stupid meal for her dick dad.
Well, okay, dump was a strong word. The place was quite nice actually. Surprisingly so. And the view? Sweet Lord in heaven, yeah, the view was more than worth it, even if
I didn
t know what I was sitting in—something disgustingly sticky—tucked on a sofa beside a biker who looked like he was preparing to get sucked off by a woman wearing very few items of clothing.
That would be awkward.
Entertaining, maybe, but mostly awkward.
I mean, Id watch. Id be nuts not to, wouldnt I? I had to watch. This entire thing felt as much like a social experiment as part of the psychotherapy major Id tossed down the drain. There were so many women with daddy issues here, and so many men with god complexes that, six months ago, it would have been my idea of a wet dream.
I wasnt sure whether to be amused or disgusted. Id already seen some chick popping pool balls out of her ass.
Yup, you read that right.
I hadnt even known you could get two balls up there, but shed proven me wrong. Proven a couple of bikers wrong too—theyd taken bets on how many the poor bitch could shove up the brown eye.
Theyd evidently never learned anything about anatomy.
That she could get a couple up there was a miracle—if you loosened your definition of
what a miracle was—but eight? Did they think her rectum was Mary Poppins
carpet bag?
Still, that had been a humorous interlude, if a little disgusting, and Id made a mental note to A, never play pool here.
B, use Lysol on my entire body when I got home.
C, destroy this entire outfit because there was way too much DNA on it.
Entertaining though it was, the reason my friends had come here was to get laid by biker
More daddy issues.
Apparently being treated like a piece of ass was on their to-do list. Well, it wasn’t on mine.
I had no such issues. Dad might not be a saint, but he was cool. Cool enough to support
me as I tried to figure out what the fuck I was doing with my life after I
’d ‘messedthings up at school, at any rate. And I didnt need to get back at him by being gangbanged by a bunch of bikers who wouldnt understand the word respectif Aretha Franklin screamed it at them.
Of course, all those thought processes went down before I saw him.
He had his hand down some womans pants, and his smirk set fire to my body in a way that made my eyelashes aroused.
My fingernails tingled too.
Everything about him screamed sex and sin. But even worse than that? He screamed a promise fulfilled.
He would give you sex and sin, but youd love every fucking minute of it.
To be continued in Sin, the 3rd book in the Satan Sinners MC Series by Serena Akeroyd.  


I love this MC series! This is what a MC should be. Dirty brothers, bloody vengeance, nasty club girls, feisty old ladies, danger, intrigue, suspense and brotherhood. There is sensitive subject matter and harsh elements to these stories that fit my idea of a rough and ready MC. This story like the previous ones could be read as a stand-alones but there are some overlaps and continued plot lines throughout the series. This one is about the sexy brother, Sin, and his road name says it all. We find out the real reason behind his deeds that caused his banishment to Ohio. Like lots of things in this series, it’s not what it seems. The perceived wrongdoing against Nyx’s old lady was so much more than just Sin being a bad boy. But it takes a lot for Nyx to forgive and Sin to come home. And he needs to come home for his woman, the firecracker rich girl, Tiffany. What a surprise when their relationship is revealed. Tiff was turned on her head when she gave the sexy brother a chance. Sizzling chemistry has long term ramifications as Sin and Tiff turn into more than a one time thing. So many twists and turns with parallel storylines in the books and with the characters. The writing is fantastic, characters pop off the pages and we get peeks at things to come with the brothers and their women in each new story. This is not a quick, simple story but layered and complex with the mystery, suspense and swoon-worthy romance. There’s nothing cookie cutter about these characters and stories. All the brothers are unique, their women fabulous and the stories are full of heartfelt emotion, gut-wrenching danger and terrific brotherhood. I can’t wait for the next installment in this spectacular series. Dirty goodness!

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Free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio
Born in England,
Serena Akeroyd is a true romance bookaholic. As a reader she will not touch a
book unless she knows it has a happy ending, which makes her write the endings
that your heart craves!  This addiction,
made her want to craft stories to suit her voracious need for steamy, sexy
romance. She loves to write stories with plots twists, alpha sexy men, dark humor,
and hot AF love scenes. Some are darker than others as she has a taste for the
weird and the unexpected.
She writes MF, Menage and
Reverse Harem (also known as Why Choose romance) in both contemporary and
paranormal. But she has recently decided to concentrate more on contemporary MF
stories, mainly with the Satan Sinners MC Series and The Filthy Feckers Series.
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