RELEASE BLITZ!!! Moth (Series: Dragon Triad Duet #1) by Lana Sky! + My Review

Title: Moth
Series: Dragon Triad Duet #1
Author: Lana Sky
Genre: Dark New Adult Romance
 Release Date: August 17, 2020
He thought he could make my life hell.

But it already was.

The one-time Hannah Dewitt tries to live a little, she winds up in the crosshairs of a local thug who seems hellbent on terrorizing her. As it turns out, there is more to Rafe
than meets the eye, and their connection stokes her creativity like nothing else.
Drawn to him despite the inherent risks, she can’t resist feeding the flames of
this unlikely attraction no matter how hot they burn.

But Rafe isn’t the only monster in her life. Another looms in the background, and he won’t let her go so easily…

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Finally, I sigh in defeat and look up, meeting his watchful gaze directly. “I don’t have
any money.”

He raises an eyebrow. “Did I ask for money?”

“I don’t have anything else you might want either,” I snap.

“I doubt that…” He pointedly eyes the neckline of my dress, and I shift uncomfortably.
It’s cut differently than my tried and true sweaters, displaying more of my
collarbone and a glimpse of the flesh beneath. I can’t stop myself from
crossing my arms over my chest, and he flashes that dangerous grin in triumph.
“In fact, I can think of a few things you could offer—”

“Get out.” I slam the ledger shut and turn away as if just telling him to leave could make
it true.

But he doesn’t. Neither does he creep toward my corner to drill in his taunt—and
that’s the worst part. I have to endure him, but without the tools I’m used to
utilizing. Silence and the safety of my own head don’t work where he is

His breathing is too noisy, grating and raspy. His scent is overpowering, sneaking
into my lungs with every breath. Around him, my thoughts don’t form the
protective wall I’m used to hiding behind. They fracture. Splinter.

And he breaks through easily.

“I want to see you hop, bunny,” he murmurs, just when I think I might scream to counteract his presence. “Without the dowdy little sweaters or the boring little mask. I
want to prove you wrong. I didn’t run last time. I just gave you a taste. It’s
up to you if you want more but with no excuses. No chance to cry assault.”

I bristle at his tone, wrapping my arms around my waist even tighter. If I hope to find
comfort in the action…I don’t. His gaze slips beneath the barrier, creeping
over me without permission. I can practically feel his gaze rasping along my skin.
“What are you talking about?”

“Tonight,” he repeats. “Dragon’s Head. You can even bring your little friend if you want.”

Dragon’s Head. The name conjures the image of neon lights and raucous dancing. “The club?” I frown. “Why would I go there with you?”

He laughs, and his steps resonate through the floor. Alarmed, I turn to watch him move,
but he takes his time, giving me every chance to cower and back away.

I don’t recognize the way my breathing hitches as he comes closer. How my nerves tense
as he raises his hand, deliberately inching toward my cheek.

“D-Don’t touch me—”

“I have touched you,” he reminds me. “Don’t kid yourself into believing you don’t want

“More of what?” I force myself to meet his gaze only to regret it.

I wish his eyes gleamed in that mocking, cruel way, but their stare is flat and empty.
“More of what could happen the next time I have my fingers inside you.”
Excellent!! This is “need another star” fantastic! Dark, dangerous, moody, mysterious and absolutely terrific. This grab me from the beginning and I was hooked into the story all the way to that OMG ending. I didn’t realize this was a duet and I need the other half now. I can’t wait for the explosion between the hero, Rafe, and the bad cop, Branden. Rafe is divine as the Triad gangbanger with the soul of an artist. As he says he’s “a very sexy motherfucker.” The sex oozes from the bad boy and nephew of the Triad leader. When he catches sight of Hannah, the rich girl running from her awful life and controlling big brother, he’s hooked. The push/pull, lust/hate between the two is spectacular. And the evil big brother? Branden is the worst of the worst. There were just a couple of things that were a little off to me but I overlooked them because this story is just too good. It kept me on the edge of my seat waiting for Bran to make his appearances and Rafe to save the girl. The writing was fantastic, characters jumped off the pages and the story was suspenseful, mysterious, with a slow-burn romance that exploded into deliciously sexiness and a few really tender moments. I LOVED it! Bring on Part 2, Flame!
Author Bio
Lana Sky is a quirky writer from the US who dabbles in dark,
paranormal and contemporary romance. Her stories aren’t always typical, but
contain a little something for everyone.
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