Backlash by Geneva Lee is now live! + My Review


Backlash by Geneva Lee is now live!


Rivals #2

She’s a wildfire. He lit the match…

I thought my life was hell until the devil walked through my door. Sterling isn’t the boy who stole my heart anymore. He’s cunning, manipulative, and dangerous–so why does my body ache for his touch?

I thought I could trust him. I should have known better. He’s broken my heart twice. Now there’s nothing left to break. Because I’m not the girl he fell for or the woman he used. He thought he could play me. He thought he could hurt me. But I’m a survivor, and while I might respond to every stolen kiss, every forbidden moment, there’s one piece of me he’ll never touch. I sold my soul to protect it, and no one can ever learn the truth–not even Sterling Ford.


I never thought I’d find myself begging for Adair’s forgiveness. But she belongs to me. She always has and she always will. No matter how hard she tries to rewrite history.

It’s too late to change who we’ve become. Maybe nothing can save us now. Maybe nothing ever could. I built my fortune with blood, fueled by lies, and soon my past will catch up with both of us. I can’t protect her from the man I’ve become, and no one can save me from the storm that’s coming–not even Adair MacLaine.

New York Times bestselling author Geneva Lee delivers with the second book in the Rivals series, an emotional roller coaster that’ll leave you begging for more!



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Yikes, hold on to your heart and your panties! This story picks up where the first story left off and it speeds to lust, hate, intrigue and mystery. Sterling and Adair are as hot as ever. Smoking! But they are still at odds. He doesn’t know why she stayed with her horrible family and she’s still broken-hearted that he left. Adair finally stood on her on and has a new life when Sterling is set to blow it up. He’s back with bad guys on his trail. We get some answers and are left with new questions. The timeline is sorta wonky for me. Sterling joins the military, trains to be “all that”, leaves to join his buds in secret stuff AND becomes a billionaire all in FIVE years. Nah, not buying it. But it’s still a fantastic romance suspense with a white hot couple in Sterling and Adair and good mystery and intrigue. Love Sterling’s super hunky friends and look forward to more of them.


Meet Geneva

GENEVA LEE is the New York Times, USA Today, and internationally bestselling author of over a dozen novels, including the Royals Saga which has sold two million copies worldwide. She lives in Poulsbo Washington with her husband and three children, and she co-owns Away With Words Bookshop with her sister.

Geneva is married to her high school sweetheart. He’s always the first person to read her books. Sometimes, he reads as she writes them. Last year, they were surprised by finding out Geneva was pregnant with their third child. They welcomed a beautiful baby girl in 2020.

When she isn’t working or writing, Geneva likes to read, bake ridiculous cakes, and watch television. She loves to travel and is always anxious to go on a new adventure.

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Text GENEVA to 31996

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