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SOULLESS (Starcrossed Lovers Trilogy #2) by Jade West
Release Date: December 8th


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Lucian Morelli always takes what he wants. And now he’s taken me. The man who’s haunted my steps from the moment we met at the ball now controls my every move in his hideaway. His dark eyes miss nothing, and he seeks out all my weak spots. He uses his fingers, his wicked tongue, his sharp mind. Searching, testing, looking for the side of me I’ve hidden away for so long.

He’s relentless in his pursuit of my secrets, but I manage to discover some of his own. I’m not the only one hiding, not the only one marred by my past. And when he sees me, truly sees me, for the first time in as long as I can remember—I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid of this monster, my monster. I want him to hurt me, to break me, to put me back together, and above all, I want him to love me.

A love as fiery as it is destructive, one that will scorch our families and maybe, just maybe, set us both free.




A breathtaking follow up to the first book. Yikes! These two are a dirty, nasty pair. Poor little dirty girl Elaine is just looking for someone to believe her. All the pain of her past and those responsible. The nasty pain monster Lucian is her torturer. He deals out pain like Halloween candy and Elaine is a pain magnet. This story had the pair in close quarters and learning each other secrets. Not a lot of action until the end and it was magnificent. It was wonderful seeing the transformation of Lucian and Elaine from hated enemies to lovers. But how can a Morelli and a Constantine survive together in the world of pure hatred for each other’s family? A long battle between the two families leaves no room for a pairing. An enthralling story with a delicious pair of deviates dishing out and taking the pain. Oh boy, it was so dirty! I can’t wait for the next installment to see how these two fair in their twisted world where Morellis and Constantines live to fight to the death. I hope Lucian continues with his retribution for Elaine. Nasty good!


About the Author:
Jade West is a USA Today Bestselling Author who adores creating imaginary worlds and bringing them to life in her words.

Jade is as dirty as you’d expect from her novels, and talking smut makes her smile.

She lives in rural Herefordshire, in the UK, and enjoys a wide variety of unusual experiences in her very unusual lifestyle.

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