RELEASE BLITZ!!! Toxic (Series: Thanatos MC #1) by Cole Lepley! + My Review

Title: Toxic
Series: Thanatos MC #1
Author: Cole Lepley
Genre: New Adult/MC Romance

Release Date: February 16, 2021
Sloan Prescott is done with bad boys and bad choices. When she moves to Arizona, she’s looking for a fresh start, far away from her drug dealing ex and all the complications that went with him. She doesn’t have the stomach for a life of uncertainty. 

Flynn Davis is the President of the Thanatos Motorcycle Club, one of the most feared and revered organizations in Arizona. As such, he’s used to getting what he wants from whoever he wants whenever he wants. 
When Flynn and Sloan have a chance encounter in a coffee shop, sparks fly. Sloan wants nothing to do with the arrogant man who screams trouble and reminds her of the past. But Flynn loves nothing better than a challenge, and Sloan just threw down the gauntlet.
An interesting MC story with a group of super stud brothers. An insta romance between the newly anointed MC President, Flynn aka Boss and new resident, Sloan aka Dollface. This kept me turning the pages with the writing even if there were a few aspects to the story that were not my cup of tea. I like Sloan with her sass and smarts but her past of choosing “bad” guys was iffy cuz one is not a pattern. More suspect was her treatment of the good guy in her past. I like Flynn in the beginning. There’s nothing sexier than a beautiful badass that’s a boss. He was mesmerizing in the beginning with his player persona, leadership skills and good looks but then the author took us on a ride into his illness with disastrous results. Not sure an MC would have put up with that regardless of his legacy. I loved all the brothers and their old ladies and girlfriends. The story didn’t have much in the way of club girls. There was some good action and danger but I didn’t understand how the baddest MC in a multi-state area only had 14 members with all their rivals in fear. Not very realistic. A lot of bullets flying at the end with brothers in danger and a few in peril. The ending was rather abrupt. The romance was sweet and sexy with a descent into madness plus the usual hit it quick didn’t happen. It took awhile to get to the sizzle. This did keep my attention and I plan on reading the next story in the series because there was something about the writing that I liked and this group of brothers was fabulous.

Cole Lepley is a contemporary romance author of bad-ass alpha heroes, a whole lot of drama, and happy endings. She writes realistic relationships that you can’t help but fall in love with.

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