RELEASE BLITZ!!! I Thee Take (Series: To Have and To Hold Duet #2) by Natasha Knight! + My Review

Title: I Thee Take
Series: To Have and To Hold Duet #2
Author: Natasha Knight
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance
Release Date: February 23, 2021

Cristiano is my enemy. He’s also the only man with whom I’ve ever felt safe. Protected.
But I have to remember that he married me with one purpose in mind. Revenge. I would be the bridge to his real enemies.
I can’t let myself forget that he isn’t the hero of this story. His hands are covered in blood. I saw that with my own eyes.

I thought I knew Scarlett’s past, but I didn’t know anything.
I thought I knew the worst of monsters, but I hadn’t seen anything yet.
Sometimes you have to lie to yourself to survive.
Sometimes it’s those closest to you who will bury their knives in your back.
Too many times it’s the innocents who pay for your mistakes. For your refusal to see.
I can’t let Scarlett pay for mine.
But I may be too late to stop it.

A stunning conclusion to this thrilling mafia romance. Everything you could want. A sexy romance, a panty-melting hero, a feisty heroine and dangerous race to the end. Cristano is a dreamy hunk full of fire and pain as he races to save Scarlett from the clutches of evil. These two were just finding their way to a beautiful love when a mystery person steals her away. Loads of intrigue and danger with the madman in charge still a mystery. It’s not too hard to figure out and I was cheering when he met his doom. There is heartbreak and emotional overload when Scarlett comes face to face with a person thought to be dead. That sets up for another story with Cristano’s brother Dante in the lead to find the missing loved one. But first he has recover from the disastrous ending that has Scarlett and Cris reunited but Dante in a serious condition. Tons of action, dead bodies, bullets flying and evil in check when our couple finds their way to love. A fantastic page turner with delicious characters and a storyline not for the faint of heart. It’s dark and devious and sexy and thrilling. A must read!

Natasha Knight is the USA Today Bestselling author of Romantic Suspense and Dark Romance Novels. She has sold over half a million books and is translated into six languages. She currently lives in The Netherlands with her husband and two daughters and when she’s not writing, she’s walking in the woods listening to a book, sitting in a corner reading or off exploring the world as often as she can get away.

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