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RELENTLESS (Starcrossed Lovers Trilogy #3) by Jade West

Release Date: March 9th


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I’m an heiress with a broken past. It should have been the end for me, but now my mortal enemy has become my savior. He hides me away from the world as if he can save me.


Lucian Morelli is a billionaire who doesn’t know how to feel anything.

Except when he’s with me.


Love between a Morelli and a Constantine will never survive. The war between both families turns into an inferno, consuming the entire city of Bishop’s Landing. The world is soaked in blood. No one is left standing, not even the couple who vowed their final breaths.


I would sacrifice everything for the man I love, and I just may have to.


RELENTLESS is the explosive finale of Jade West’s Starcrossed Lovers trilogy set in the world of Midnight Dynasty.



A thrilling ending to a spectacular love affair! The Monster Morelli at his best as he runs with his princess. And run he does when both families are out for blood. He will protect his little girl, Elaine Constantine at any cost. Lucian is brilliant as he schemes to get what he wants as he sets up a new life with his queen in a new country. I love this couple with the harsh brutality of their love and the sexiness of the pain given and taken. Yeah, the monster may be in love but he’s still relentless in his need to control and punish. Lucian does develop a sweetness to his love for Elaine. She has finally settled out of her destructive ways and into a better place with her monster. I really like Elaine with all her flaws. The way she loves Lucian is beautiful. There are some intense moments as the two flee their families but not as much violence and retaliation as I thought there would be to the story. A lot of it was like a long epilogue with a few scenes worthy of the deadly feud between the families. And the BDSM part was a curiosity to me. Why throw that in? I wished for more details about his new business ventures. It seemed a little too pat of an ending for all the violence that proceeded with this couple. Still a good ending to a fabulous romance between two of my favorite characters in this outstanding Midnight Dynasty collection. I absolutely love this collection of stories about the Morelli and Constantine families and their bloody feud. Give me more!


About the Author:

Jade West is a USA Today Bestselling Author who adores creating imaginary worlds and bringing them to life in her words.


Jade is as dirty as you’d expect from her novels, and talking smut makes her smile.


She lives in rural Herefordshire, in the UK, and enjoys a wide variety of unusual experiences in her very unusual lifestyle.


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