NEW RELEASE!!! Of Fire And Flame from Donna Grant! + My Review

Of Fire And Flame (Dark Kings Book 21)

Return to New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant’s Dark Kings world for a special prequel novella…

Three extraordinary beings, one tangled Fate.

Untold power requires unfathomable responsibility. But it also brings danger, sacrifice, heartache, and many tough decisions. One fateful day and the choices and actions therein have the power to ripple across time, affecting more people than ever imagined.

Destiny brought them together. Fate tore them apart. But time may heal all wounds.

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So much emotion and heartbreak. In this novella we get more insight to Con and Rhi’s epic love story and the heartache that took place before they get their happy. Told from the perspectives of Con, Rhi and Erith we get answers to many of the burning questions about the twins and Con and Rhi’s time apart. Con breaks up with Rhi and both suffer the loss of their relationship. Con has his reasons that involve the dragon kings and his position as their king. Rhi’s heartbreak is a living, breathing thing as she crumples and flees to the Fae realm that has been devastating by the war. We learn of Erith involvement in hiding the twins and the reasons the twins have been separated from Rhi. Shocking revelations! I love this insight to the past and especially the twins and Erith’s involvement. Death is a tricky one! I can’t wait for the twins’ stories to unfold. I love these Dragon Kings stories and look forward to the next epic series. And the twins!

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