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Release Date: May 25th

Series: Hellfire Club #3



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They call him the ice king.

Owen Montgomery is arrogant and unfeeling–with cold, haughty manners and a British accent sharper than any knife. I’ve been secretly in love with him for years, knowing there’s no way he could ever notice me, the scholarship girl. The poor girl. Until that night in Ibiza…until that night we taste each other’s kiss for the first time, and I learn what hot hungers the ice king keeps hidden from public view.

It’s also the night when I discover that after three years of sharing classes and even friends, Owen still has no idea who I am. None at all.

Pride stung, I vow to focus only on myself and my future in publishing. But little do I know that I’ve awakened an obsession in Owen that will soon outgrow the halls of Pembroke Prep and spill over into the real world.

Owen wants me, and he’ll stop at nothing to have me. And soon I find myself with an impossible choice. Do I pick the future I always wanted for myself?

Or do I choose the blueblood whose kisses are as brutal as his love?


The Ice King has melted! Yep, the cool half Brit with a chilly disposition is about to thaw under the heat of the scholarship girl, Tanith. She’s a smart cookie that is one step ahead of Owen in the brains department but she’s really far behind when it comes to sex. Well, he going to change that in all the good ways and Tanith’s longtime crush is about to be realized. This is one hot couple when Owen gets his hands on her and takes her to places she’s only dreamed about. Dirty talking and filthy action. Who knew the king of chill would turn into a hot as heck brute. This story is a good addition to this terrific high school romance series. No bullying in this one just a lot of sexy heat and family drama thanks to Owen’s mother and brother. It didn’t quite have the pop of the first two stories in the series but with the Hellfire boys and the fabulous Pembroke girls it’s still a fantastic read with a group of spectacular teens. There’s always some advancements in the lives and loves of this group and this story had a few. Most of the drama come from the rich boy/poor girl theme with Owen’s mother being a real knob. There’s only two Hellfire boys left and both are setup to be torturous. Rhys with his killer persona and his love/hate for Sera and slut puppy Phin and his painful love for Aurora. Aurora had a sad thing happen to her in this story with Rhys calling in a favor. Morelli anyone? I love those killers! I look forward to the next installment. This is a quick read with tons of hotness and fabulous characters.

About the Author:

Becker Gray is the brainchild of two best friends who love rich boys in peacoats. The Hellfire Club is their first series together.

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