LIVE NOW!!! DRAGON MINE by Donna Grant! + Excerpt + My Review

Walk with New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant through the doorway into the next engaging installment of her captivating new Dragon Kings series…

One wild night he lost his heart to the woman of his dreams—now he’ll stop at nothing to find her.

I am hers, and she is mine…
Vaughn has spent eons searching for the woman who captured his heart, only to be disappointed time and again. Sure, he sees her in his dreams. May get to touch and hold her. But it’s not the same. As the emptiness inside him grows, he jumps at the chance for a distraction. Setting his eyes on the dragons again in Zora is a balm, but it can’t compare to once again coming face-to-face with the gorgeous beauty who holds a piece of his soul.

With responsibilities comes sacrifice…
Eurwen has never known anything but the burden and joy of ruling the dragons. But unlike her twin, she’s always been curious about Earth and the Kings and felt as if something were missing from her life. When her reunion with her parents brings an unexpected surprise, she can’t help but give in to the pleasure that Vaughn offers. Still, her loyalty lies with her realm, and the hurdles in their way to happiness seem insurmountable—especially with a new and unknown foe seeking to destroy them.

Trust doesn’t come easily, but love conquers all. And no amount of time or space can keep those who belong together apart.

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That night, so long ago, had been clear and sultry. Something had drawn him out. The full moon hung large and low in the sky as billions of stars watched from above. And the magic had been heavy and intoxicating.

He had left Dreagan with no particular destination in mind, flying for miles until he spotted the fires. He’d landed unseen far from the village and walked there in his human form. The Celtic tribe’s cheers had been boisterous and infectious. They danced and celebrated their victory against an enemy around huge fires with flames that attempted to reach the moon.

They welcomed him, shoving a horn of mead into his hand. Vaughn had always had a particular interest in the Celts. They were attuned to the Earth in a way that others weren’t. He’d been content to watch them despite their attempts to get him to join them.

Vaughn had moved away from the group and leaned against an ancient, gnarled oak with limbs that twisted and reached outward. He watched the festivities with a smile, content to witness the celebration. The mead was particularly good. Or perhaps it was the magic in the air.

The British Isle thrummed with magic. It was why the Dragon Kings had made their home in Scotland, where the heart of the planet’s magic sprang forth. Dragon Kings were especially in tune with magic in all beings and creatures. Many times, mortals had no idea that magic was there, sometimes even changing events. That was because the humans couldn’t feel it. But Vaughn did. It was thick, hanging heavily in the air like an invisible mist. Even if he had wanted to walk away, he wouldn’t have been able to.

Then, he’d seen her across one of the great fires. She had stood staring at him. He’d immediately felt her pull, the attraction instant and irresistible. That’s when he realized that she was the reason he had been drawn from Dreagan. The firelight gave her blond locks a red-orange tint. They said nothing as they started toward each other in unison, weaving through others and around the fires.

Until they were face-to-face.

For the first time in his life, he couldn’t find words. He didn’t know what to say. And yet, there was so much he wanted to say to her. She took his hand and, with a smile, led him to a cottage. The red-orange glow from a fire in the hearth coated the inside of the home. She faced him, and before he could speak, her mouth was on his.


A wild ride! I love this new Dragon Kings series with new faces and the old ones I’ve come to love. The realm Zora where the dragons live free is outstanding. Finally, we get to see them living out loud and large. No hiding. The only problem? One of Zora’s leaders doesn’t want the Kings there. So sad. After the Kings have been separated from their dragons for millennials. But these are new dragons with little to no knowledge of their King after so long. And that leader? Well, it’s one of the twins! Yup, Con and Rhi’s kids are in charge of Zora. Brandr is the one with a huge chip on his shoulder. But sis Eurwen is more lenient. In fact, she opens a door between the realms in invitation for her parents. So exciting to see Con and Rhi getting to know the twins. But there’s so much more. Con’s right hand King, Vaughn finally finds his elusive one night love after years of searching. Guess who? Eurwen! The beauty is magnificent even if she’s leery of love. Vaughn has work ahead of him to convince her of the love they share and that they’re mates. There’s so much more as one couple fight to save their child and a new foe appears in Zora. The evil targets the dragons with dire consequences and Eurwen is in peril. It takes Vaughn and his dragon powers to save her. There a few poignant moments in this story. There’s a resolution to the Silvers that have been sleeping for centuries. Uplifting but a little sad too. Tons of storylines for new stories in this new world. A new evil foe, fabulous characters and lots of exciting romance to come. We have lots of sexy hunks and I can’t wait to find out where their mates come from. This is a terrific story with a sexy romance, thrilling danger and intrigue, and a new addition to this wonderful family. Absolutely fantastic!

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