The Calamity by Jennifer Millikin is now live!! + My Review


The disaster that befalls us is rarely the one we plan for. And I never saw him coming.


The Calamity by Jennifer Millikin is now live!


I’ve made a mess of things again. Not that anybody is surprised.

After I’m politely asked to withdraw from college for my antics, I return home to my family’s cattle ranch.

The sweeping views, the towering pine trees, and the whisper of the wind remind me I belong on this land. My heart is in the alpine air, my soul mixed into the soil.

All I’ve ever wanted is to run the ranch alongside my oldest brother, but my family refuses to see me as anything but a walking disaster.

If I’m going to show them what I’m capable of, I have to prove myself.

Lucky for me, I’m a Hayden through and through. I’ll dirty my hands in more ways than one.

That includes the man who showed up in town again after all these years. Sawyer Bennett. I’ve heard the stories about his family, and they don’t scare me. Our attraction is undeniable, and the best part? Sawyer looks at me with fresh eyes. When I’m with him, I get to be the woman I’m fighting to become.

And I’m learning just how much I want to be that woman.

But then I make the ultimate mistake: I utter the word ‘perfect’. I should’ve known better. There’s nowhere to go but down after that.

And down we go, until we hit rock bottom.

Sawyer unearths a long-buried secret, and challenges everything my brothers and I grew up believing.

Nobody is surprised I’ve brought disaster to our doorstep again, but it’s not over.

Because when it rains out on the ranch? It pours.


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I love this big ranching family and have been waiting for Jessie’s story. She is the bomb! Feisty, smart and beautiful with a huge love for her family and their legacy. But the calamity always seems to surface and it does big time when Jessie comes home in spectacular fashion. After the initial fallout not much happened with Jessie’s unique character which was disappointing but I did love her fight to be included in the business like her brothers. If you read the previous story you kind of knew who her love interest would be, the handsome money man from Cali. We learn about Sawyer’s tragic past on two counts and what his tie is to the town. There are some big emotional moments in the story with surprises at every turn but not a lot of drama between Jessie and Sawyer. Their romance hit fast and didn’t have any real push pull just a fast climb that was sweet and sexy. The drama erupted from others in the story. I didn’t like the twist with dad Beau that was so out of character. Gramps was a surprise and heartbreak. There were several heartwarming moments between the siblings and spouses. I felt like there were a few questions surrounding Jessie from Wyatt’s book that went unanswered. What really happened with her bracelet? I guess I’ll never know. This was a good end to this terrific series with the hunky cowboy brothers and one fiery cowgirl. Sad for the end but I look forward to the next series from this talented author. This could be read as a standalone but you would miss out on great family dynamics and hunky cowboy love from the previous stories.


Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Millikin is a best-selling contemporary romance and women’s fiction author. She lives in the Arizona desert with her husband, two children, and Liberty, her Lab who thinks she’s human. Jennifer loves to cook, practice yoga, and believes chips and salsa should be a food group.

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