BILLIONS: A Constantine Boxed Set by K Webster, M. O’Keefe and Becker Gray

Release Date: December 28th

Genre/Tropes: Dark Romance/Billionaire Romance/Forbidden Love


The BILLIONS Boxed Set contains three full length novels! Meet the powerful Constantine family in this breathtaking boxed set from three talented authors.




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“Brilliant storytelling packed with a powerful emotional punch, it’s been years since I’ve been so invested in a book. Erotic romance at its finest!” -#1NYT Bestselling Author Rachel Van Dyken

A controlling billionaire with the maid…
The dangerous fixer with an heiress…
The hottest boy in school with a bookish girl…

BILLIONS contains three full length novels! Meet the powerful Constantine family in this breathtaking boxed set from three talented authors.

“M. O’Keefe brings her A-game in this sexy, complicated romance where you’re left questioning if everything you thought was true while dying to get your hands on the next book!” – New York Times bestselling author K. Bromberg


I absolutely love everything Midnight Dynasty/Constantine/Morelli! This boxset starts three of the most intriguing in this anthology based on a long-standing feud between two wealthy, cutthroat families in NY. The Constantines are bright and shiny while hiding their nastier side. The Morellis are dark and devious and hide nothing. It’s brutal and dangerous especially when the men and women fall for their enemy. I love it! These three stories run the gambit with a hilarious fairytale-based, filthy affair to a smoldering, dark and dangerous romance to a steamy prep school bullying love story. All are not-to-be-missed fantastic!

K Webster’s delicious Cinderella based trilogy is my favorite (I think) with the brilliantly devious head of the Constantine family, Winston engaging in a sordid affair with the help. Oh, the shame of it all! Ash is a fabulous heroine with her smarts and her sass. She’s the Cinderella part of the story with an evil stepmother and three demonic stepbrothers (the terrible triplets.). There is so much to unpack in this story with the sizzling age-gap romance and the dirty, filthy acts Winston subjects Ash to and the turnaround with Ash getting the upper hand. It’s irreverent, funny and so filthy dirt hot. I love anything from this fabulous author but this series is something special. I had to read it again after reading the other books in this anthology to see if everything fit. The authors do a terrific job with character and storyline consistency. A must read again and again and again!

Then there’s the beautifully emotional trilogy by Molly O’Keefe between the Constantine-adjacent beauty, Poppy and the Constantine bulldog assassin, Ronan. It’s dark, dark, dark when Ronan comes to Poppy’s rescue and starts them on a deadly path of danger and heartbreak. It’s thrilling and sexy as they grow closer while resisting the dark, passionate pull and try to stay ahead of their enemies. This was my first read by this author and I was hooked on her enthralling storytelling, delicious characters and sensual romance. A must read!

Finally there’s the start of an exciting dark prep school series by Becker Gray. I love this series and this first story is my favorite with the hunky Constantine son, Keaton and the sassy co-ed, Iris. It’s a bad boy/good girl romance that’s heart meltingly romantic and panty dripping sexy with a side of bullying thrown in. This is a standalone read but you’ll want to read the rest of the series too. Loved it!

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