Conquered by Colet Abedi is now LIVE!! + My Review


Conquered by Colet Abedi is now live!



I’ve been blinded by lust, beauty, and the intoxicating, innocent magic that makes her irresistible…

What have I done? Her life is at risk because of me.

Because of my monstrous past. I promise myself I will rescue her and make sure she is protected for the rest of her life.

That she has whatever she needs… And most importantly, I will stay far away from her. I will never hurt her again.

I am no longer that man. I can no longer be William Sinclair.

I am now Sin.


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Sexy romance and dangerous intrigue! This story picks up where the last one left off with Vivienne in peril and William in mad pursuit to find her. The villain is not a surprise and one William needs to deal with. But the first thing William does is overreact to the danger and causes Vivienne distress. It takes a minute for the two to get back on track and then it’s all steamy hotness for the couple. Their sizzling chemistry and intense connection are undeniable. It’s an emotional journey for William and Vivienne that’s full of drama, deceit, danger, suspense, revenge, mystery and loads of passion. Terrific secondary characters too. This is not a standalone, the first story must be read first. This is an exciting romance suspense with all the elements for a fantastic read.


Meet Colet

Colet Abedi is a best-selling author, television and film producer. She was born in Virginia and currently lives in Los Angeles. When she’s not writing she’s either off on an adventure in a far off land or planning her next getaway. She writes contemporary romance, women’s fiction, and young adult.

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