NEW RELEASE!! The Royal and the Rebel by J. Santiago! + My Review

The Royal and the Rebel by J. Santiago is live!

The Royal and The Rebel

She owes him.

From the moment Princess Juliana Altamirano stole a kiss, Rowan Beckwith’s life went off the rails. The media storm, the destruction of his relationship, the demise of his career—he can trace it all back to that ill-fated press conference. All the apologies in the world can’t fix what happened. Now, sidelined by a horrific injury, Rowan finds himself at the mercy of his scheming parents, who are hell-bent on making him into the proper royal duke – a position he’s fought against his whole life. In his last-ditch effort to thwart his father, Rowan invents a wild hoax. This time, he can’t save himself, but he happens to know a princess who owes him a favor.

He needs her.

Princess Juliana has spent her life inventing diversions to pull attention away from her sister. Most of her stunts are harmless. But with one stolen kiss, she managed to upend Rowan Beckwith’s life. He might be football’s favorite skipper, but he’s also its biggest grouch. Still, Juliana would do almost anything to make up for her impetuous actions, even agree to his outrageous plan. She does owe him. But while she’s paying her debt, can she protect her heart?

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A hunky athlete and a beautiful princess…what a setup for a royal romance. Yep, royal love but it’s hard won as the footballer suffers a career ending injury and turns to the princess for help. Rowan and Juliana have a strained relationship due to the past with a few incidents and loads of hurt so when he needs her it’s not an automatic yes. Rowan has a few secrets and one big one that changes everything between the two. I really like Jules with her big heart and love for her family, especially her sister from the previous book in the series. She’s not anything like her public persona. There’s a lot of depth and smarts to this sweet woman. Rowan was a broody hunk with a few demons related to his father and crushing sorrow that his career was over. He wasn’t especially nice to Jules even when he needed her but he soon learned there’s so much more to the princess than he thought. In addition to the romance there’s the political undercurrent in the royal realm and a potential for vote for independence. This is a slow-build, enemies-to-lovers, fake romance story that’s a bit sexy and a bit sweet with a ton of intrigue. Sometimes the romance took a back seat to the intrigue and suspense plot of the story. I wanted more romance with Rowan and Juliana but overall it was a satisfying read.

Meet J. Santiago

J. Santiago is a graduate of Villanova University and the University of Pennsylvania. She gets her love of sports from her fifteen year career in the field and a houseful of boys who love to play. A former English and history teacher, she understands and embraces the power of stories in our lives.
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