NOW LIVE!!! Petra’s Bikers by Misty Walker! + My Review

Petra’s Biker

by Misty Walker
Publication Date: June 28, 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

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I thought I had nothing left to give.

It took two dirty bikers to prove me wrong.

From USA Today bestselling author, Misty Walker, comes a dark, MMF MC romance.

Cameron Bixby was in her third year of residency at UMC of Southern Nevada when her entire world was stripped from her.

She was given a new name, Petra, and for two years, she was made the property of the worst kind of men who abused her until she was nothing but an empty shell.

Then the Royal Bastards MC stepped in and saved her.

Sly, club treasurer and resident hacker, and Moto, road captain and gearhead, were tasked with finding out who she was and what they should do with her.

The woman was skittish, fragile, and addicted to God knows what, so luring information from her took… unique tactics.

But as they coax her to health, they realize she’s so much more than the timid dove they rescued.

She’s strong, intelligent, and sexy as hell.

Suddenly, they aren’t sure if making her remember is the best idea.

Because Petra belongs in the world of an MC, but Cameron Bixby doesn’t.

*Petra’s Biker is the 5th book in the Reno Chapter of the RBMC. Each book stands alone but has interconnecting characters.

Author’s Note: Please check the author’s website for all tropes, tags, and CWs.


Sexy love! That’s what you get with a couple of hunky bikers that are good friends and more. For Moro and Sly that more is hot love and add in one beautiful woman and it’s a swoon-worthy trio. These brothers are terrific as they love and protect the young woman they rescued from a traumatic situation. Petra is so lucky even though she doesn’t remember who she was before she was taken, sold and enslaved. So sad but this woman is strong and lived through the torture to land in a good place where she could recover and find love. Petra is a fabulous heroine that lived through the pain, finds her past and makes a good future with these two sexy brothers. Such a different life than the one she planned for. Moto and Sly are not without a few demons of their own as we learn more about these brothers. Their love for each other and their Dove is so sexy. Hot, hot, hot! This is a terrific addition to this thrilling MC series. There’s the usual action, danger, and suspense when the club goes after their enemies and seeks retribution on those that hurt young women like Petra. An old enemy is in the mix and I loved when the evil was crushed and the MC prevailed. There are a few gruesome parts and one crazy scene with our trio in a bloody craze of lust and revenge. Not for the faint of heart but I loved it! What I expect from a 1% MC story. There’s a bit of sadness as the club loses one of their own. The club continues their move to a safer life for the family as more fabulous women are added and kids are born. I love this series and look forward to the next installment. Terrific MC romance!

About Misty Walker

Misty Walker has been writing stories, articles, and poems since junior high. Preferring to stay behind the scenes until now, she has been an avid romance reader, a blogger, and an audiobook proofer for the last fifteen years. Growing up in a nomadic household, Misty has lived all up and down the western USA, but recently settled in Reno, Nevada. Misty is a mom to two kids who are slowly trying to kill her, but they are cute, so she will keep them. She just celebrated her sixteen-year anniversary with her computer geek husband and has two dogs, Dunkin and Dutch, that are her constant companions while she happily reads and writes her life away.

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