NOW LIVE! Aveke by Tijan is available now! + My Review

Aveke by Tijan is available now!

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I watched him in high school. Knew his reputation. Knew he was wealthy, privileged, and mean.
He ran the show back then, a partier and a player.
Then he came back from college, back to the town I never left. He’s different now.
He comes into the bar, and I know his routine.
I know which stool he’ll pick.
I know his favorite drink. I know which sports team he’ll want on the television screen.
And I watch as he gets hit on.
Sometimes he leaves the bar with a woman. Sometimes he doesn’t.
But I’m always there, tending to his drinks. He gives me a smile and a polite nod back.
Then one night, after a long appraising stare, he asked, “Ava, why are you single?”
I leaned in, told him a lie, knowing the truth.
What I didn’t know was that my world was about to shatter after that night.

Something else I didn’t know: would the man I watched all those years help put my heart back together… or smash it into pieces?

** A 42k novella written as a standalone from two characters in the Fallen Crest/Roussou universe.


This was a short read and a reminder of all my favorites from the Fallen Crest/Crew world. I love all these stories from this talented author. Terrific storytelling and unique characters makes for compelling reads. This book is all about Ava and Zeke. We got to know them a little in the Fallen Crest and Crew worlds and I love that they finally get their own story. What I really loved was the way that all the characters weave together and you get a picture of what this world has become and how they all fit. There’s a bit of an insta-love feel between Ava and Zeke but I’m okay with that especially since they’ve been around each other in the past. Their feelings are deep and there is a fierceness to their love. They protect the each other to the end. This is a quick read with a bit of emotion and a bit of fun and a terrific peek into what all the fabulous guys and gals are doing now. Loved it!

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