On Tour with Dragon Slayer by C.A. Rene! + My Review

Title: Dragon Slayer
Series: Steel Dragons MC #1
Author: C.A. Rene
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: October 25, 2022

“Holy Darkness! This book is fire! I’m hooked! I need more!” -brit_readsbookks

“Oh, my god.

The Varga Princess. Daddy’s little girl.

Being the only daughter of a motorcycle club’s president means I’m untouchable.
Add an older brother to that equation,
and now you’ve got an impenetrable vault.
No one can get to me.
The Varga name has given me armor along with an invincibility complex.
Until it’s all shattered.
I’m faced with an impossible situation,
and no matter how it ends, there will be casualties.
I’ve been dodging threats my whole life,
but what no one prepared me for was the threat of my own family.
Betrayal burns deep when it comes from inside the safety of your own home.
Too many lines have been crossed, and forgiveness isn’t an option.
It’s an all-out war, and I’m on the front lines.
I am the Dragon Slayer.


C.A. Rene is married with two kids and lives in beautiful (cold most of the year)
Toronto, Canada. To escape from life’s pressures, she brings fingers to the
keyboard and taps out her imagination. Most of the stories floating in her head
contain pain, angst, and dark dark love.
Lover of all things dark. I love to read it, write it, own it, eat it, whatever it. My
addictions include WINE, books, and coffee, in that order.

MY REVIEW: Holy Bejesus! Outstanding MC story with enough grit and brutality to keep my twisted little heart happy. Sure, there is a bit of romance and a heap of sizzling encounters but mostly it’s a story about MC rivals in deadly warfare. Caught in the war is the princess of the Dragons. Genevieve is the prez’s daughter with an adoptive brother that goes from protector to deadly opponent and then the unimaginative happens. Poor little princess finds herself in the clutches of her father’s enemies. There’s a lot of mystery and maneuvering at the beginning with Gennie falling for her brother’s best friend and club SOA. Plus a few interesting encounters from unexpected brothers. This girl has it all going on until her father has a plan that disrupts everything and leaving her in a bad place. I love how she turns the tables and grows into a fierce heroine out for revenge with a surprising support group. And a couple of delicious hunks that will set your panties on fire. The turnaround is spectacular with a fantastic ending that sets up for the continuation of this outstanding series. This is what I love in a MC story. Fierce brotherhood, dirty brothers, nasty club girls, gruesome brutality, torture, bloody battles, revenge, steamy sexiness and one fabulous heroine. A must read!

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