99c Pre-Order!! Two Anthologies!

Steel Riders: An MC Romance Anthology

Hardcore Bikers ✓

Feisty Women ✓

Doing whatever’s needed to take care of business ✓✓

There’s only one rule when dealing with these men and women in leather vests. Don’t mess with their family. 

If you’re stupid enough to do so, hell is coming for you fast!

Get ready to ride hard and dirty with some of the toughest, meanest, sexiest men on two wheels!

This MC Romance anthology has it all.


Wicked Men: A Limited Edition Anthology

Handcuffs, leather and blindfolds. ✓

Hair pulling, lip biting and begging. ✓

Dirty encounters and New Positions ✓✓

All adult games are designed to set your senses on fire.

These erotic tales just might teach you a thing or two.

So grab a drink, settle in and come play with us!


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