NEW RELEASE!!! Beautiful Scars (Series: Cruel Heroes #1) by Ariana Black! 99c for a limited time! + MY REVIEW

Title: Beautiful Scars
Series: Cruel Heroes #1
Author: Ariana Black
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: July 13, 2020
She is a means to an end.
Half my size and and ten times as innocent.The job is simple. Ruin Meisie. Destroy her mother. Keep my business.It’s the target who is complicated.

She’s broken. Scarred. Away with the fairies.

And everything I never knew I needed.

She wants to go home?

I’ll make sure she never leaves.

He’s a nightmare parading as a dream.

He lured me in with the promise of a one-night-mistake.

If only I could have stayed that naive.

Cillian Hendry is a dangerous man, and I’d do my best to never forget that.

So why have I told him my darkest secrets?

Why am I walking down an aisle towards him?

I thought being abducted by the man they call Kill was a death sentence.

Turns out I’m wrong. Loving him will kill me.

And he’ll be there, like always, to twist the knife.

Beautiful Scars is a dark captive romance with mafia themes. This book is
intended for mature audiences only as some scenes may be triggering.

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Not a minute of disappointment in this outstanding dark romance with danger and suspense. Tons of shivers! Shiver for the hunk Cillian. Shiver for Meisie’s dark romance salvation. Shiver for the twin experience. Shiver for the dangerous criminals that are the Hendry brothers. This was outstanding! I was so surprised by the story and I loved every minute of it. It was an enthralling page turner right from the start with so many terrific parts to the story. The twins are gorgeous, deadly, dangerous criminals on a mission to protect their kingdom. Meisie starts out as a tool for the twins to use in their latest twisted plan but she turns into something more with Cillian. I loved the twins and their twisted relationship. Volatile, symbiotic, sad and finally crushing. The end was so heartbreaking. I was torn up! Now to the romance. I don’t see this as a hard dub con just a built to an explosive ‘take me now’ with tons of steamy sexiness. Cillian becomes Meisie’s salvation from a unfulfilling existence with a past that’s left her tormented. I loved every minute of their strangely romantic and extremely sexy relationship. I’ve haven’t read a couple like this in this type of setting. It’s a dark situation but I found myself laughing and smiling with Meisie’s antics and Cillian’s responses. The authors did a fantastic job with these characters and this unusual romance. What to say about Cole? I was so hoping he would shape up and maybe there’s a future where he comes out of it and turns into the charming hunk there are glimpses of in the story. He could be the brother Kill needs and wants. Please authors! Redeem him. So many fabulous characters. Sarah is one and I loved her path to happiness. Derek is another as Cillian’s right-hand man. Meisie’s mom with her villainous acts was a terrific foil for Cillian. And the introduction of so many criminal friends and foes of the Hendry twins that make for tons of future stories from this exceptional writing duo. Finally words…absolutely spectacular! A must read. I can’t wait for the next story!
Author Bio
Ariana Black writes
dark mafia romances guaranteed to give you a book hangover. Follow her to
receive new release notifications, or sign up for her mailing list at
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