LIVE NOW!!! WHISKY AND WISHES from Donna Grant! + My Review

Return to New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant’s Dark King world for a special holiday novella.

Finally free of the dangers surrounding him and the burden of pining after his mate, the King of Dragon Kings is ready for some peace—time to enjoy the woman he loves without interruption. Sure, the matter of accessing the clans across the Dragon Bridge still looms, as does the ultimate Fate of Con and his brethren. But for now, Con plans to enjoy the people he loves and celebrate the holidays with those closest to him. Why borrow from tomorrow’s problems? When the time comes to confront what’s next, they will do it. Together.


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WHISKY AND WISHES is released as an ebook only right now. It will be combined into a print and audio edition with HEART OF GOLD and OF FIRE AND FLAME later next year.


Holiday happiness! Con is fine happy and with his soulmate the fabulous Rhi. I loved her right from her introduction in the outstanding series. The Light Fae wonder that captured Con’s heart. Swoon! These two are in their honeymoon stage with an empty house. The Dragon Kings and their mates have left the happy couple to themselves for awhile. But it’s lonely without a full house so Con calls the dragons home while Rhi plans a holiday party and decorates for their arrival. It’s great to catch up with all the sexy Kings and their equally wonderful mates. But all’s not light and happy. Con and Rhi are missing their kids and one of the Kings is awol. Where is Varek? There’s a teaser of the new story for a new series at the end with Varek and his kidnapper. Look like a new thrilling romance. Can’t wait! This is all about the holiday spirit with family and friends that’s a quick easy read and a companion story to this fantastic series.

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