LIVE NOW!!! EVERSPELL from Donna Grant! + My Review

To live in the light, they hunt in the dark…

Runa is used to mysteries. Fortunately, she’s skilled at using those things to her advantage. Until some truths about her past are revealed, and her world is shaken to its very core. Now, she has her sights set on finding and saving the family she’s never known. What wasn’t in her plans is the sexy, mysterious stranger who seems to find her over and over, taking her breath every time.

All his life, Brom knew he’d eventually have to find the Varroki and take his birthright. Then a witch lays out a nearly impossible choice before him, and Brom decides to follow his heart. The beautiful and enigmatic female he’s drawn to is more than captivating. She makes him want to reveal all his secrets. But doing so could be the difference between life and death—for both of them. Especially in the battle between good and evil where all of the relics of the First Witch are in play—and everyone has a hidden agenda.

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Exciting addition to this fantastic series! I haven’t read all of the stories in this series but I didn’t need to to enjoy this installment. It’s Donna Grant! An outstanding author in any genre brings in another hit with this story of two halflings fighting against evil and finding love. Runa is half human and half Gira, a nymph species, on the hunt for the truth and her family. She’s stunned when she learns she has a sister and who her grandmother is. Both appear to be in danger. Brom is half human and half Varroki, a supernatural warrior. He is lead to find and help Runa with her mission. Both have something in common…they don’t like people. Loners unite. These two don’t even try to ignore the full on desire when the lust is palatable and they’re willing and able. Hotness abounds! It’s a race to stay alive and find out what the power crazed leader of the Coven is up to plus save Runa’s grandmother and find her sister. Love the girls reunion. Thrilling action and adventure in this world of witches, warriors, nymphs, and others. Some trying to save the humans and one wanting to rule. If you’re a fan of the series this is a must read. If you’re new, jump right in cause it’s terrific.

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