The Freshman by Monica Murphy is now live!! + My Review


The Freshman by Monica Murphy is now live!


New York Times bestselling author Monica Murphy kicks off her new College Years series with a forbidden romance between two people who are undeniably drawn to each other…

I started flirting with a guy while waiting for my car to be serviced. Now granted, he wasn’t just any guy. Tall. Dark. Hot. Mysterious. Can you blame me for wanting to talk to him? He’s in town visiting his parents. So am I. He goes to the same college as I do. Such a coincidence. Almost as if our meeting is destined…

But I shouldn’t believe in that sort of thing. I am single as a Pringle and always ready to mingle. Until I keep running into Mr. Tall, Dark and Mysterious everywhere I go. Tony Sorrento. Turns out he’s on the football team. I mean, I’m not one to chase after a sexy jock but, okay. I’m down. And did I mention he’s only a freshman?

Our fathers are business rivals, and they forbid us from dating. We need to keep this on the low. Can we remain friendly? Sure. Maybe turn our friendship into friends with benefits? Most definitely. Here’s the thing though. I didn’t plan on catching feelings for him so quickly. Seems like he’s falling pretty hard for me too.

Defying our fathers’ wishes is only asking for trouble, but is being with Tony worth the risk?


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A terrific start to a new series! A spin off of the outstanding Callahan series with the a few of the sibs and their pals in college. The hot Italian stud Tony is featured as the freshman adapting to college life while staying away from his less than stellar family. He’s a smart guy and football player just coasting along with his buds until a chance encounter with a lovely co-ed is a game changer. The connection is instant and the chemistry hot but the older beauty Hayden can’t believe she’s falling for a freshman. What’s a girl going to do when Tall, Dark and Mysterious plus pretty and so perfect falls in her lap? Go for it, silly! The romance is sweet and sexy and (thank you!) drama free for the most part. The drama comes from their horrible parents. Not pretty! I love this couple with the older, confident Hayden leading the way. I loved that Tony was strong and steady and laidback. They are perfect! The friends and family in the story are fabulous and I can’t wait for the next installment. I especially loved the frienemies Caleb and Gracie. So much fun and comedic! Looks like Jackson is up next with his biggest fan Ellie. I love this author’s writing style. It’s conversational and authentic like peeking in on a real exchange between the characters. Outstanding and so easy. Love this cast of characters and I’m looking forward to the Sophomore. Loved the Freshman!


Meet Monica

Monica Murphy is a New York Times, USA Today and international bestselling romance author. Her books have been translated in almost a dozen languages and have sold over two million copies worldwide. Both a traditionally published and independently published author, she writes young adult, new adult and contemporary romance. She’s also known as USA Today bestselling author Karen Erickson.

A native Californian, she lives on fourteen acres in the middle of nowhere with her husband, two kids, one dog, and four cats. When she’s not writing, she’s an assistant coach for her daughter’s high school cheer team, which is a two season sport. Meaning, she’s at practice with a bunch of teenage girls all the time. Or she’s at a football game. Or a basketball game. Maybe someday, she’ll even write about this experience.

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