AVAILABLE NOW!!! Tabou by Beckett Riley! + My Review

Rachel Rossano
(Beckett Riley)
Publication date: September 1st 2021
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Trapped between societal boundaries, siblings Tom and Theia Edwards thought they knew all about the family business they just inherited from their father. When the true nature of his dealings are revealed, they are thrust into the savage world of drug smuggling for a Mexican cartel.

Forced to continue the work their father once did or suffer the consequences of having their darkest secret exposed, they embark on a journey that will reel them into a nest of vipers full of deceit and betrayal at every turn. But underestimating the forbidden and unbreakable bond between Tom and Theia can prove to be just as deadly to anyone standing in their way.

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“Get the fuck out of my house,” he spat, blocking Theia from Tenoch’s view.

“That’s no way to speak to your guests, gringo. We just stopped by to say hello and discuss some… unfinished business. But first, I want to meet that lovely little creature hiding behind you,” he said, the corners of his mouth ticking upwards into a punchable cheshire grin. “Come here, mamita, let me have a good look at you.”

Before Tom had a chance to take one step in Tenoch’s direction, one of

the guns on Jake was now pointed directly at him. “What do you want?” he

demanded, looking back at Theia who had tears streaming down her face.

“Well, Tom, we seem to have a couple of problems. One: you are refusing to

continue a particular service your papi used to provide. And two: you know

what I do, and that doesn’t sit well with me. But no worries, I found a solution

now since I know what you… do,” he said, eyeing Theia with his cocky grin still plastered on his face.


Sexy, suspenseful and dangerous! Intriguing romance suspense story with a taboo element. Yup, brother and sister lovers. The love between Tom and Theia was all consuming and beautiful even with the taboo element. Loads of steam and sizzle in the story. The author does a fantastic job of bringing the heat. There were lots of twists and turns and jaw dropping surprises that were outstanding. I love this author’s thrilling storytelling and suspense elements. The taboo twist seemed kind of thrown in and really didn’t add much to the story other than an illicit element. I love taboo stories but for some reason this was a little icky for me and the surprise at the end went too far for me. With Theia’s medical issues, trauma, medicines and procedures the likelihood of the all’s well with the surprise at the end was too far fetched for me. Regardless, this was an exciting romance suspense with tons of action, danger and hot love. This was a quick, easy read that moved fast with chills and thrills at every turn. I will read more by this author. Worth the read!

Author Bio:

Beckett Riley resides in the sunshine state where she writes in between taking care of a four-year-old daughter, three dogs, six chickens, a grumpy barn cat, and a husband (sometimes in that order according to him). She loves writing erotic stories as much as she enjoys reading them. Dark romance and happily ever afters with hot, possessive, guys bring tears of joy to her eyes so please excuse the alpha males roaming her pages, they know not what they do.

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