Blog Tour: The Cleaner by Renee Rose!! + Excerpt + My Review

Her father ruined my sister’s life.
Now she will have to pay the price.

The Cleaner, an all-new steamy dark mafia romance from USA Today bestselling author Renee Rose is available now!

She will pay the price for her father’s sin.
I’ll use my beautiful prisoner to get him.
To make him suffer. Make him believe I’m hurting her the way he harmed my sister.
And when I’m done tormenting him, I will offer a trade: her life for his.
I owe him a slow, painful death. Revenge is my due.
But Kateryna is strong in ways I didn’t expect.
Broken before I ever got to her, she’s a willing participant for my torment.
She turns the tables on me, seducing me with her laughter.
Her wild, crazy appetite for pain and pleasure.
Now I must choose: Keep her and forgo my revenge
or destroy my enemy and the woman I’ve come to love.

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“You’re holding me hostage.” I’m catching up.
“He will kill you.” I say it not as a threat, but with total sincerity. My father is a ruthless businessman. He thinks I don’t know he’s a crime lord, but I’m not stupid. I know everyone around him lives in fear. I have long believed my mother abandoned me to save her own life. Or maybe that’s just what a girl of six tells herself when her mother disappears one day.
A story that ends in a happy ending at a later date. My mother returning to me when she can. Reclaiming her beloved daughter.
But, of course, she never came.
Maybe she’s dead.
Maybe he killed her.
“He will want me dead,” Adrian agrees, like he’s content with this knowledge.
A cold chill runs across my skin. “Are you asking for ransom?”
Adrian hesitates. “Yes.”
More cold prickles shoot down my spine. There’s something more to this. “What is the ransom?” My words come out as barely more than a whisper.
He stares at me like he’s not sure about his choice. “Five million.”
“Five million?” I sound shrill. “Is that all? You know he has at least a hundred million, right?” I know because I heard him bragging to a woman about it once.
“He has to bring the money himself.” There’s something terribly sinister about the way Adrian says the words, and I suddenly realize what this is: a trap.
And I’m the bait.


A terrific addition to this thrilling series with Bravta brutes and their women. I love this big crime family of Russians and the way they take care of each other. This story features the Bravta cleaner Adrian as he goes rogue to avenge the evil that was done to his sister. He’s so twisted in his pain that he doesn’t necessarily go about his revenge in a good way. Hoping to cause the culprit the same pain he suffered he kidnaps the daughter of his foe. Adrian wasn’t expecting the fun, flirty young woman that he encounters. I loved Kat! She’s managed to not be bitter with a father that doesn’t care about her and no one in her life. A party girl just looking for some fun with a man that is on the dominant side. Kat tags the dark, brooding hunk as a fun time but she gets so much more when she ends up tied to his bed without the fun. Yikes! She just wanted a spanking and a little dominance. The ensuing push and pull between the feisty Kat and the broody Adrian is swoon worthy and wild. Adrian finds his dominant side and Kat is all in with his heavy hand. But he’s really caring and sweet with her. Heart melting and panty melting. The romance blossoms and the passion ignites as the two play their games of school girl and dommy. Sexy hotness! Fast paced action and fast love in this story of revenge. But can Adrian really use Kat to get to her father? Adrian’s Bravta cell of brothers try to support Adrian even as he tries to keep them out of his revenge plans. Of course, things don’t go as planned and danger finds the couple. A quick, easy read with fabulous characters, a bit of danger and a fun, sexy romance. I look forward to more of this terrific series with a strong brotherhood of sexy Russians and their lovelies. Loved it!

Meet Renee Rose

USA Today Bestselling Author Renee Rose loves a dominant, dirty-talking alpha hero! She’s sold over a million copies of steamy romance with varying levels of kink. Her books have been featured in USA Today’s Happily Ever After and Popsugar. Named Eroticon USA’s Next Top Erotic Author in 2013, she has also won Spunky and Sassy’s Favorite Sci-Fi and Anthology author, and Romance Reviews Best Historical Romance. She’s hit the USA Today list ten times with her Chicago Bratva, Bad Boy Alpha, Wolf Ranch books, and various anthologies.

Connect with Renee
TikTok: @authorreneerose

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